"... I have realized that during illness certain human experiences are intensified, and four feeling in particular: betrayal, terror, loss, and lonliness."
~Michael Stein

Greg Katz

The Show

Following the launch of the website www.survivingstrong.com Greg has been looking for ways to increase access to information for those facing chronic and life threatening illness. The show gives you the opportunity to see how you can increase your personal health advocacy quotient while getting important information, hear book reviews and see interviews with individuals who are part of the healing community. It's easily accessible, informative and most importantly, FREE!

Your Host

Greg Katz has made it his life's work to empower, educate and advocate for those facing the greatest challenge of their lives; the diagnosis of a chronic or life threatening illness. He's worked in nonprofit organizations, served on local and county government commissions funding services for programs related to health and healing. His psychotherapy practice focused on individuals and families looking to overcome the shock of illness and work toward improved quality of life. Greg consults with those looking to become the CEO of their healthcare team.

The Mission

To provide you, the person facing chronic and life threatening illness with one more tool to improve your quality of life, become an informed healthcare consumer and develop the physical and soul stamina to overcome your health challenge.