"... I have realized that during illness certain human experiences are intensified, and four feeling in particular: betrayal, terror, loss, and lonliness."
~Michael Stein

2010 Archive
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Find an Oasis Find an Oasis When facing a health challenge finding a place that provides a place of solitude, peace, and comfort helps your health and healing. Listen to how this oasis keeps you focused on your moving forward on your journey to wellness.
Signs and Symbols Signs and Symbols We see signs and symbols everywhere we go. How do you use them in your healing practices? What do the symbols in your life signify and what does it say about you? Discover the power of signs and symbols.
Crossing the Threshold Crossing the Threshold We all cross thresholds throughout our lives. In most cases they are points of profound transition or transformation. Your diagnosis was a threshold. Learn more about how to create healing thresholds for your journey to wellness.
Sitting in Silence Sitting in Silence We think that having an active mind, conversing, and expressing are always in our best interest. Ever sit in a room with people in complete silence to see what happens? Allowing what’s important bubble-up to the surface and be healing and be a true catalyst for your immune system.

2009 Archive
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Informed Medical Decisions Informed Medical Decision Making We can only make the best decisions for our care when we have the best information at our disposal. Informed medical decision making is the foundation for becoming an empowered patient. When you’re empowered you make more mindful decisions and reap the rewards of that mindfulness.
Harmony and Nature Harmony and Nature Our lives depend on nature. Nature shows up in our lives every day through symbolism and experience. Creating your own personal connection to nature can provide endless possibilities for growth one you understand how creatures large and small, plants and other living beings survive in this crazy world.
Harmony and Nature We're Waiting for You We all have gifts and talents that can be shared with the world. Sometimes it takes a jolting experience like the diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness for it to emerge. Don’t keep it hidden; allow your light to shine bright!
Healing and the Written Word Healing and the Written Word Ever notice how many celebrities who have been diagnosed with a health challenge have written books? The amazing thing is that by sharing their story they bring public attention to the diagnosis. More importantly, when diagnosed with an illness combating isolation is key to healing. See how the two go together.
How Patients Think How Patients Think Following your diagnosis there’s lots of information to digest. Understanding how doctors think is one of those nuggets that help make partnering with your medical provider less intimidating. However, did you ever wonder why doctors don’t try to understand how patient’s think. We’ll discuss why this idea is crucial for health and healing.
Feeling Groovy Feeling Groovy The last episode discussed the Big “O”, feeling overwhelmed. We’re continuing the dialogue about this epidemic that has plagued those facing a health challenge and their caregivers forever. The next step in the solution is to begin slowing down. When things move to fast they’re a blur so how do you know what’s really bothering you? Find out how to feel groovy.
The Big O The Big "O" Have you noticed that everyone is talking about feeling overwhelmed? Should it really be a surprise given the state of the world? When facing a chronic or life-threatening illness overwhelm is often part of the status quo, but it’s important to reduce the feelings of overwhelm and come to a greater place of acceptance and peace.
Your Body Mirrors Nature Your Body Mirrors Nature It’s easy as humans to believe that we have little connection to nature. Let’s face it so many believe it’s something pretty to look at but don’t feel a connection. It’s time to pay attention because what’s happening to nature happens in your body. Nature is serving as a mirror and if you don’t pay attention, the reflection isn’t always pretty!
Follow the Energy Follow the Energy We are energy! We are surrounded by energy! The big question is do you recognize your own energy patterns and what do you do with that knowledge? My recent experience with energy imbalance is a good example of understanding the impact of energy on your health and well-being.
The Battle Between Light and Dark The Battle Between Light and Dark The Summer Solstice punctuates balance. It is the time of the year when the light and dark are evenly balanced in our day. Learning to balance the light and dark in your life following a diagnosis helps reinforce wellness. Filling your life with light is better than any vitamin.
Life as a Hero or a Heroic Life Life as a Hero or a Heroic Life A hero lives that one moment in glory. Living life heroically is a lifelong journey. When facing a health challenge it’s the heroic life that is rewarded. Having or developing the capacity to unearth the fear, anxiety, and shattered assumptions and create a world devoted to health and healing makes you a hero living a heroic life!
Your Life and an Acorn Your Life and an Acorn You are complete as you are. You were born with everything you need to survive in this world. Your ability to create wellness, wholeness, and healing is built in your sub-conscious. Learn to access what lies beneath.
Interchanging the Physical and Emotional Interchanging the Physical and Emotional It’s convenient to think that emotions are only in our heads and physical symptoms only in our bodies. The truth is that they are quite interchangeable and understanding their relationship will increase the number of tools in promoting health and healing.
Prune Back Your Life Prune Back Your Life Life is busy and over time we become over-extended. When we are consumed by too many activities we can give a small amount of attention to each area of our lives. Following a health diagnosis you need to concentrate your energy so pruning your life allows you to concentrate your efforts.
Life by the Numbers Life by the Numbers We go through life with numbers as the way we identify ourselves to the world. We get grades, telephone numbers, employee ID numbers, etc and all so we can create an identity. When facing an illness the numbers that often matter the most are those derived from your lab tests. We often gauge how we're feeling based on the number, but it's only an indicator. You should use the numbers on the lab tests as guiding principles not the barometer of how you feel!
Fresh Start Fresh Start Every day is a new day. The earth revolves around the sun every twenty-four hours and that cycle gives you a blank slate on a regular basis. Do you give yourself permission to start each day from scratch? What benefits are there to having a fresh start?
You've Got Mail You've Got Mail The body speaks to us in subtle ways with high hopes you'll pay attention. What happens when you don't hear the whisper? What does your body have to do to get your attention?
The Emotional Stalker The Emotional Stalker Our emotions have a funny way of hiding until we least expect them to emerge. Keeping things bottled up is a trap for being emotionally stalked. Find out how to get rid of your stalker!
Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty It's true that not everyone diagnosed with an illness recovers. There are options to consider and of course it's necessary to begin the conversation no one wants to have...about end of life care.
Playground of Information Playground of Information When facing a health challenge it's crucial to get good and accurate information. The problem is that many times the information is overwhelming and that causes confusion. Here are some clues to get the information you need in a way that it's useful to you.
Side Effects Side Effects Unfortunately side effects are part of the package when going through treatment for most health challenges. Too often we ignore the changes because we think they're subtle. The truth is that any change can be serious so don't discount the side effects from treatment.
Personal Ads for Docs? Personal Ads for Docs? How much do you want or need to know about your doctor? Listen to my recent experience in picking a new doctor with the information provided by my medical group. Decide for yourself how much is too much information.
Blank Slate Blank Slate The earth makes a revolution every 24 hours...that's what we call a day. If every day is a gift, how effectively are you using your gift? Each awakening can be a blank slate if you allow it to be; how will you make that happen?
In Alignment In Alignment It's amazing how many times we say one thing but mean something else. When facing a health challenge your body, mind and spirit need to be in alignment. This will give you every advantage on your journey to wellness.
The Empty Well The Empty Well Each of us has a well filled with energy and resources. When facing a health challenge we deplete our resources faster than when we're healthy. Hear why it's important to keep your well full.
Good Times Good Times Facing any health challenge can lead to some very cloudy days, but what do you do when the sun shines through? How do you make the most of the days that aren't challenging?
Trust in Truth Trust in Truth The truth will set you free or so they say. When facing a health challenge the more information your medical provider has the more successful your treatment. See how creating a trusting relationship can improve your health.
Pacing It Pacing It It's not uncommon that patients feel rushed during their doctor visits. Here are a few ideas on how to set the pace of your appointment assuring you get all the time you need.
Ask the Questions Ask the Questions Hopefully the doctor asks you lots of questions. My hope is that the reverse is true, that you ask the doctor a lot of questions because it's a team effort. If you're not getting the answers you want exploring possibilities through questions is the way to resolve your health issues.
Forget Your Resolutions Forget Your Resolutions Why does everyone think that January 1st you have to make a resolution? I'm often curious why so many make those resolutions about their health. The truth is that a resolution is a statement, find better ways to commit to your wellness.

2008 Archive
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Compliance Compliance The science of Pharmacology specifies that medication needs to be taken in certain amounts, certain intervals and for a specific period of time. Compliance is the key to your medication working. The practical side of compliance is that your treatment needs to fit your life. See how the social side of compliance impacts your health!
You Need a Strategy You Need a Strategy Following the diagnosis of a chronic of life-threatening illness you must have a strategy. This is no time to fly by the seat of your pants. Find out how having a strategy will improve your relationship with your doctor and the outcome of your treatment.
Med School Med School They say that knowledge is power. There are a number of opportunities to learn about medicine from a patients point of view without much of the jargon. Here's just one example of how you can increase your health advocacy quotient by learning what doctors learn...only a bit simpler.
The Painful Truth The "Painful" Truth Everyone wants to avoid pain. Unfortunately, many facing a chronic of life-threatening illness experience pain as part of their illness, a component of treatment or surgery. Trying to have your pain regulated can be a full time job. Find out how to convey your pain experience to your health professional.
Bad News in 20 Minutes Bad News in 20 Minutes Learning new things is often difficult. Learning difficult things in a short period of time can unnerving. Imagine having to learn how to deliver how to deliver bad news to a patient in twenty minutes? Can it be done?
I Don't Know I Don't Know Why do we believe that doctors should have all the answers? Let's face it they're human. Your doctor offers you a unique gift when they say "I don't know". First, they're being honest and second they are willing to help you get the information you need without their ego getting in the way.
Foundations of Support Foundations of Support When facing a chronic or life-threatening illness we all need support. The question is what type of support suits you best? Are you better off developing an internal sense of support or recruiting from your community for external support?
Your Place in Nature Your Place in Nature When facing a health challenge it's important to find times for peace and serenity. Many find that nature is a "sacred space" and provides them the emotional nourishment to continue on their journey to wellness.
The Mission of Your Healthcare Provider The Mission of Your Healthcare Provider Do you know the values of your healthcare provider? Patient care needs to be number one. Your doctor's attitudes about patient care are reflected in the choices she makes in hospital affiliation.
Having a Good Support System Having a Good Support System When facing any health challenge it's important to include others who will support your decisions and encourage you during treatment. The smallest actions can have the biggest impact. Having a good support system reduces isolation and feeling connected to others will boost your immune system.
Creating Order Creating Order When facing a chronic or life-threatening illness you're having to multi-task all the time and that can be chaotic. In order to Survive Strong it's important to create order in your life so you have some degree of reliability and predictability. This will calm you and relieve some of the stress associated with illness and multi-tasking.
Protect Yourself Protect Yourself An important part of Surviving Strong is knowing how to protect yourself. You'll need to protect yourself on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. When you protect yourself you become empowered, jumpstart your immune system and improve your quality of life.
Wash Away the Dust Wash Away the Dust When facing illness, clarity can be a lifesaver. It's important to clear away the decoys and get to what's real. Don't be fooled by illusion!
No Trespassing No Trespassing When diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness you'll come up against gatekeepers. Don't let anyone ever tell you there are no options. You be in control of the gates!
Expect the Unexpected Expect the Unexpected There is no instruction manual when facing a life-altering health challenge. Know that your situation is unique and let your body be your guide.